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About President Dr. Dusan Vasiljevic
specialists implantology and periodontology EDA,
Diplomat ICOI

Dusan Vasiljevicwas born in Belgrade, where he finished high school and Faculty of Dentistry (1974th year.), Where the training as (1977th year). After that he went to the AOK clinic in Dusseldorf, and 1982nd year opened its own dental practice in the north of Germany. Since then he has been actively engaged in aesthetic prosthetics, implantology, and periodontology.

Cooperate with international facilities such as Schultz Bongarc, prof. Brånemark - Karolinska Hospital, etc. 1986th year. began to work with Brånemark system making it among the first 13 implantology Germany. The first is at the Belgrade University (1988th year) introduced the modern implantology. At that time, intensify cooperation with prof. Vojom Lekovic and School of Dentistry in Belgrade knowledge intensive help and equipment.

1990th year. part (as one of the founders) in the establishment of associations - oral implatologa Yugoslavia (failed due to disintegration of Yugoslavia). Dr. D. Vasiljevic is a lecturer at numerous national (32 before.) and international (74 before.) expert lectures as well as at universities.

Author of numerous papers (first published in Germany in the journal Zahnarzt Woche in 22 sequels - given "critical opinions on the new field of dentistry".

2000. given the title of Diplomat of the International Congress of his oral implatologa (The International Congress of Oral implantologist).

2003 calling for specialist Implantology Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie eV (DGZI) and the European Dental Association (EDA) and then begins his work at the European Committee. Established eve-Montenegro (SCG association of oral implantology).

2007th year. organizing the first, now traditional, Mediterranean symposium and then on the resistance of some teachers in the region who are trying to put Implantology exclusively to his domain, not realizing that dental implantology completely new discipline with its own surgical and prosthetic principles derived from private dentists polyvalent.

Dr. D. Vasiljevic was suggested for the teacher, the holder of numerous awards, such as: "Gold Medal" Belgrade University, Serbia-Montenegro president of a high award - the Order "Philanthropy", spec. Gramata His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle, ...

He was advisor to the Government Dr. Zoran Djindjic. Built with his older son, Dr. MSC. Vladan Vasiljevic one of Europe's most modern clinics, as well as super-modern educational center planned for completion in early 2011th Through his practice and introduction to implantology is over the entire Pleiades colleagues: Professor. Joza Perovic, Professor. Voja Lekovic, Slavko Pecanac, Zvonko Ostojic, Zoran Stajčić, and so on.

In particular, the intensive cooperation with its European eminent professor. Vitom Konstatinović as well as prominent and engaged the Novi Sad Colleagues: Dr. Zoran Marjanovic and Dr. Branislav Kardasevic

Dr Vasiljevic was married to his wife Anne with whom he has another son, Goran, who is a manager in LA.

His motto is - We do not need the people who are talking about what to do, but those who do something! (acta non verba)































































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